Company Background

Seickel & Sons, Inc. has been specializing in Steam Pressing Equipment for over 60 years. Started by Joseph Seickel Sr., along with his brother Steve and father Al, we have grown into one of the largest suppliers and installers of new and rebuilt Steam Pressing Equipment in the country. We have remained a family owned and operated corporation dedicated to offering you the finest in parts, supplies, and new or rebuilt steam equipment backed by a service organization to offer you the support you need to keep cost and down time at a minimum. We firmly believe that service to the customer after the sale is our best asset. We have supplied, installed, and/or serviced machinery in almost every major clothing manufacturer and importer both foreign and domestic. We have also set up Design and Alteration Room equipment in some of the best known Men's and Women's Clothing retail stores throughout the country. We hope that the following information on our product line gives you some idea as to who we a and what we can offer your company. As well as the products being described to you, we also offer a complete line of rebuilt steam presses using the best possible parts available complete with a one-year parts warranty. We also offer vacuum systems, boilers, and all other steam support items and product lines, as well as a fully stocked parts department, installation support and follow-up repair service. We hope that the next time you think of steam needs, you remember our name, Seickel & Sons, Inc., a name you can trust. Please feel free to contact me here in our Newark, NJ headquarters with any questions or inquiries that you may have. Our Toll-Free number is 1-800-338-5044. Thank you and I look forward to serving you in the future


We are licensed plumbers in New York City (LMP 1276) and New Jersey (LMP 8517).

We have a network of service technicians across the country to service our out town customers. We are continually looking for technicians across the country that we can call on when a customer needs help. If you are interested in joining our team, send us an email or give us a call.


Seickel & Sons started its business providing steam and steam equipment to the garment industry over 60 years ago. Over the years, our reputation as experts in the field has spread worldwide. We have used our superior knowledge of steam and how to apply it in many different industries. From boilers sales, to installations to service, we do it all.

We also offer consulting services. We can review your plant layouts, equipment needs and installation issues. Contact us for more information.

We have designed, built, installed and serviced machines for many different industries.

Automotive industry

Applying our knowledge of steam and fabrics, we were able to design steam machines for the automobile seating industry. We work for tier 1 suppliers for the big 3 automakers in the US. Our machines can be found from seating plants across the US and Canada to upholstery shops that work on customizing interiors. Our steam design has been patented. For more information, check here.

Process food industry

We work with many food manufacturing companies, providing steam to jacketed kettles, steam injection systems for bakeries, heating water or sanitizing and sterilizing. For more information, check here.

Packaging industry

Steam is used for shrinking plastics on labels, cleaning, sanitizing. Unlike electric heat, steam heat is able to surround the entire package and shrink labels quickly and evenly. We work with manufacturers to design and/or modify their existing machines to work better for their customers. We work with many packers to redesign their existing machines, either for retooling or to make it better. For more information, check here.

Pharmaceutical industry

We work in FDA approved facilities installing steam systems for autoclaves and coating machines. From stainless steel piping to machine modifications, we can do it. For more information, check here.

Garment industry

Sales, service and installation of high pressure steam boilers, pressing equipment, steam irons. We work for leading garment manufacturers, dry cleaners and alteration work rooms worldwide. We have the largest inventory of steam presses in the world. We have parts for many obsolete machines. We specialize in refurbished machinery. For more information, check here.


Steam can heat in different ways. We recently installed a steam boiler to keep a 100’ tall water tower from freezing in the winter. Condensate return water can also be used for heat. For more information, check here.