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A revolutionary new product for the linen finishing industry


Steamer designed exclusively for dining chair covers

Our patented machine is designed to remove the wrinkles from your dining chair covers and give them that fresh finished look.
If you have an existing Cissell Form finisher, this unit can replace the existing body. If you need a complete unit we make our own base unit as well.
System Requirements:
120V 5Amps
Patent Pending US#61,273,032

The process is simple

  • Place cover on frame
  • Slide the hold down clamp over the cover and lock into place
  • Inspect the cover to make sure seams and pleats are straight
  • Press the start button
  • When cycle completes, remove the hold down clamp
  • Remove the cover
  • Fold or place on a hanger
  • For sharp pleats, touch up with an all steam iron